Thursday, February 2, 2012

nHibernateCF for .Net Compact Framework

Today, I would like to annouce ‘nHibernateCF’ for the .Net Compact Framework and the SQL CE-database. At 5th february 2012, a first technical preview version will be released on Codeplex.

nHibernateCF is an object-mapping framework for WindowsCE- or Windows Mobile-powered devices.

Like Hibernate or nHibernate, nHibernateCF will provide a set of functions for database-applications on mobile devices.

In this first technical preview, not all planned functions are implemented. Currently available are this functions:

  • creating a database with a set of .hbm.xml-files
  • running simple insert-, update- and get-operations on the database by using simple plain .Net objects
  • creating and running a more complex criteria query

During the next month, I am planning to add more functions and tools to the nHibernateCF-framework.