Wednesday, March 28, 2012

nHibernateCF TP3 with new functionality

nHibernateCF TP3 will be released during the next two weeks.

In the TP3 version of nHibernateCF, I’ll a couple of new function which I still missed during the development of the new demo project will is released in TP2 of nHibernateCF.

The new functionality will be in the Criteria part of nHibernateCF.

- Aggregate functions like Min, Max and Avg.

Min(fieldName) and Max(fieldName) will return the complete object for the condition.

Avg(fieldName) will return the average value for the condition.


- a seperate Count function.

Count() will return the number of object which will be returned in the List<T>()/List()/Pages functions.

- a Pages function to receive a part(page) of the resultset.

Pages[] will return a Page (=> a IList<T>) of the result set. The size of a page is defined with the MaxPageSize property.

As a general improvement, I ‘ll add a float data type for currency values.

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